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Medieval Journals of the Broken Dagger Tavern

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April 10th, 2009

09:24 am - in the court of the sun king
These being the last few journal entries of Captain Agnieszka Kaczmarek of His Majesty's Own Company, 50th Mageranks Division. These letters were never sent and are now being kept in the care of Duke Constantine Kostroma, Mageranks commander:

10 March 209

dear Mama and Family:

Back in Myrken I used to think that Burel's chanelurs were the only guys that used magic in batul. Chedwrys got a few batalliuns of mageranks and though i dont think they can blow up citieys with a singul thought they can explowd rabbits brains at four hundered paces. And lots of othur stuff I am not alowed to talk abowt. 

any Way, after the last few Months of working with that mercenary group all the way throu Heath I fouwnd out that one of the company comandurs was acshully a King's bloke on furlow, runnin speriments (I was the subject of one and I tell you that if you ever are in the same room as Kostroma and he asks you if you want to be in a speriment say HELL NO and run FAST) and he finds out Im from Myrken, right? So I ain't no mage but he gives me a job in the Mageranks anyways, just Because I grew up in Myrken and I knows how to fight Magic while being not magic. and they need tackticul people who can do that. I think also they liked that I once worked with Thesilanean taktics too. By the way if you see Aeryn tell him that I think he's a bastard.

An I used to think the politics up in Myrken were bad, here you gotta watch all of your steps, here Everyone's out to get you, but the Things I am Seeing are worth it. the Things I see that I See are just beyond anything! Give my love to everyone at home and heres a present for the kids including Cinabar's kid whatever it turns out to be.


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March 9th, 2008

05:41 pm
March 9th, AR 208

Some months have passed since the last time I set pen to paper here within this collection of words. Many things have occurred since then that have taken my attention away from this simplest form of easing my mind. The largest of these issues is the fact that Lenore, thought dead due to the word sent to Erebus, was indeed alive. I dare not delve fully into the madness she must have endured while there within the walls of that sanitarium, for I am certain that the words she would reveal to me would break a heart even more stalwart than my own. At the least I have Captain Tobias' word that the physicians of that place have been culled for these vile practices.

Things need to be reassessed, but that does not mean that plans will fully be changed. We shall continue our reclamation
of Amasynia , and the provinces that once were held by the ancient crown. It shall not be pretty, of course, such things never are. It will be born of blood and violence. Of tears and regret. It is a pain I will endure, for it is my duty as a nobleman of Amasynia. Hopefully it will not come out to open war with Trae Kelsa, but I cannot believe that such an event will not happen. I know that already Xanth Grange is on the move, there is already a force within the region of Myrken Wood.

I find that amusing, that it is the provinces that have moved into action, and nothing from the Crown itself. I believe that only goes further to prove my main issue with the Royal Seat in Trae Kelsa. However, we shall see.

Things are on hold for now, as such things often are. Dross still sits before the gates of Wrexham, his siege line maintained by supplies flown in by the Hawk's Talon, and the small gateways that we are able to utilise despite the effect caused by the mystical defenses in Derry. Marshal Connors has finally left the province of Myrken, at the behest of Militia-Captain Agnieszka Kaczmarek. I think she may be amused when the deeds for the two fortifications are eventually placed into her hands.

We do what we must.

Current Location: Myrken Town

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March 8th, 2008

06:56 am - excerpts from agnieszka kaczmarek's non-existent weblog.
march ateth

so hi its been a while

i gots a job, cinabar made me capten of the Milisha! I think its funny but things are awesome good. i get tu talk tu the Cowncil soon and laff in that ugly Tredwell's face.

other things arent. aeryn got himself cott and locked up at the Fort. i onley went to see him once cuz he and I dont want cinabar to know abowt us but he found out anyway and i told cinabar that we broke up but that isnt reely true but it is? some ways it'd be easier? i know he kilde that boy but hes so sure he won't get hanged and i am not so sure and it kills me --

some ways it would be eesier if Aeryn dumped me for anothur girl?
insted of choosing him.
insted of choosing that.
aeryn says its all good and how thinges will work out but I dont know.
its always one pissbucket nowbleman or another isn't it?
'my foot sizes is bigger than yores.'

shit like that.

better the dickhead yu know??? or the one you doant??? or the one you think you know????

but he made his choice and i made mine
i wish i didn't love him so much, i wish i never met him!!!

aaaagh i'm going to get my new boots now.

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March 3rd, 2008

08:55 am
It's been a while since I've written.  I haven't been in the mood to do so.  Reviewing what I have previously written, things have changed somewhat.  I am no longer a constable.  I refuse to work for that whoreson Cinnabar.  Man thinks he knows best when to pardon those who abet murderers, and when to tell a father how to raise his child.  I told him off, and I told off Ariane as well, who was supporting him at the time.  I have not seen her around since.  We are probably no longer on good terms.  I am fine with that.

People call me an ass.  They laugh at me behind their backs.  I think this act of mine has caused what little good will I had going for me to dissolve.  I'm becoming a has-been.  I haven't won a fight in a long time, either.  This saddens me.  Yet, I have much else to do.  Aerin is quite the handful.

Speaking of fights, I fought the beast known as the Ashfiend.  Foolishly, I took a blow that was meant for Cinnabar.  I should have let him die.  That weapon is meant to fight demons!  Even as I speak, two weeks after the fight, I -feel- the wound.  It makes me slow, dizzy.  It -hurts-.  It is fading, but it may take a long time before I am completely healed.  This irritates me.

I need to find someone to practice fighting with.  This may be hard.  I do not have a habit of endearing myself to others, nor am I good with people.  The last person I sparred against grew angry after I did something stupid.  It had seemed harmless at the time.  So many things do, especially to one like me.  I fear I have too many urges running through my mind all at once.  I may also be viewed as an unworthy partner.  I believe that people may consider me something of a joke.

I saw two youths..perhaps a couple, younger than my own children speaking closely with each other a few evenings ago.  I did not stare, though.  It simply made me wonder, made me long.  Alas, I believe I've ruined my own opportunities at such endeavors.  It will take much to assure me that I can do something like that again.  Either that, or it will take foolishness, which I possess much of.  Did you know this?  I spoke with Quincy, and the mere suggestion of positive attention she had given me attempted to spark some sort of feeling of inappropriate affection for her.  I quashed this feeling.  Crushed it.  I don't need to be running around like some kind of lovesick fool again, even if I do feel terribly alone much of the time.

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October 23rd, 2007

11:55 pm - Keeping the law.
It was not an easy decision, me choosing to join the constabulary forces in Myrken.  In fact, the decision was influenced both by guilt, and as a way for me to make sure young Aerin will have some money, without having to take away resources from my own children.  In this way, I can avoid any and all guilt, and do something for people.

It was my fault that Agnieszka murdered.    I made many goading comments, telling her that she would be well-suited for a criminal lifestyle.  I said that her family had criminals.  I made a philosophical argument for killing that man.  She did not understand the point.  I should have realized this.  A peasant girl can't be expected to understand these kinds of things.  Still, I do not consider her a victim.  She had cried to me, confessing her crime, and then proceeded to spend the week drinking and celebrating.  She lied to me.  She was remorseless.  I cannot let this happen.  And for my crimes, a constable was murdered.  Not by her, but by an associate.  I cannot trust anyone now.  Her friend, Rhaena attacked me and aided in her escape.  Glenn is seen around Rhaena frequently.  He is probably in on this as well.  I do not know who to trust.  Glenn was right, after all.  I am a boor and a beast, and am kept at arm's length.  Tolerated only because I can prove useful at times.

I can either sink into despair, knowing that I am reviled and viewed with contempt by others, or I can do something about it.  In the know or not, as a constable, I can fill the space left by our friend McCoy(I found out his name later), though I will not be able to fill the void in the hearts and souls of those that he knew.  I can accomplish some good.  More good.  I can accomplish something too, even if I am shunned.  The same space that people give me out of disgust or fear, can become associated with lawfulness, good.

Still, sometimes I find it very lonely, operating alone.  Sometimes I think I may have friends allies acquaintances whom I am on friendly terms with.  But I don't know.  I do not think I've ever known anyone for very long without upsetting them, my children aside(and even then, I have not been entirely successful).  I've never really wanted to do any of this.  It is only out of a strong sense of conscience, and the lack of a family that needs my care that drives me to take up the mantle of lawman.  On that note, though, my training will be over soon.  I should stop writing and think more on my new work.

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07:24 am
One looking glass of heavy copper and brass constriktion, a lense for and aft by which means one may peere through and gaze across many miles. Given me by Sylvius Duquesne to while away my recovery from a bad fall, from my Myrkentown window I watched the Dagger tavern's, from my tavern room I may see Darkenhold's highest rooves. One evening I watched for an hour the journey of a motld grey mouse upon rooftops and through gutters and past windowsills and into the hungry maw of a cat, it was most edukashunal.

One drawn oak tree, set in dark ink upon heavy paper by the hand of Syl Duquesne. It is a likeness of the tree which grows in the orcherd given my sister and I by m'ser nadeyus'ty moya, and very fine.

Hrimfax, hah this is humor, of course he cannot be kept so restraind although I would like him better were that so. He is entrustd to my care by the General, Eriks Sleipner, for he will suffer no touch by mine. Perhaps the General returns to us soon. I hope for it.

An unsortment of spices each in their glass viles, each of exotic origin and no name which I can understand or properly repredoos upon a page. The scent of them is fine and interesting, some are for tea I think, I would not dare.

One eye patch, gilded with the Duke's own insignia. A rememberance of our journey to the lair of foul Ordmathus.

No wicked silvered serpents.

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October 22nd, 2007

10:50 pm - A treatise on monsters
October 22, 207
My profession is that of monster-hunter.  I say monster hunter, instead of slayer, or demon-hunter, because I have learned that not only is it unwise to harm certain repentant creatures, but that my range of enemies must become broader if I intend to continue plying my trade.

A list of monsters is as follows:


Foul creatures, cursed by God.  They are harmed by God's glory, and objects possessing his glory.  This renders them vulnerable to weapons that have been blessed, as well as sanctified waters, salts, ashes, artifacts, hallowed ground, and more.  I say this before describing them, because their weaknesses are more common than their strengths.  Some demons may fight with their bare hands and may seek blood.  Others may use witchcraft and foul magics, and may eschew combat, seeking only to corrupt men.  This is, of course, why we must remain ever vigilant against the influence of the foul adversary.  -Never- fight a demon who can be proven to be a fallen angel!  These are beyond the scope of any earthly army!  Only the truly pious can hope to stand against a foe capable of sinking a continent into the sea.  Also of note, are the demon-blooded.  Those like me.  Many of us share the same weaknesses, and may have tempers and strengths to match.  However, a good number of us are also properly ashamed of ourselves and wish to serve our proper station.


Beasts are animals of varying monstrosity, many of which are possessed of immense hunger and strength.  Each beast must be evaluated separately(You should take this fact to heart and apply it to all enemies), and should be compared to animals that are similar to it.  Take advantage of the low intellect of your enemy and hunt it down.  It will likely flee if outmatched, and only fight once cornered.  However, there is one thing to remember.  Many beasts are mindless, but not all of them.  In fact, there is a special group of beasts I shall like to address here.  That of the beast-man.  These are beasts that have managed to mimic human behavior in some way, whether it be talking, dressing in the flesh of men, or appearing to be dogs or cats that stand and act like humans.  These foul creatures are especially insidious.  Not only do they eschew clothing and worship pagan gods(demons, of course), but they will seek out normal women and seduce them(not a difficult task, considering the simple creatures that women are).  They also seem to hold a characteristic resentment against servitude, and go directly against the rules that society lays out for pure-blooded men and women.  We should guard against the acceptance of beast-men(and women), and uproot their diseased flesh from the land.  To fail to do so is to invite the demise of our own society.


Part demon, part beast, the dragon is in a class of its own.  Particularly cunning for a beast, it will use its hell-derived powers to spout fires from its mouth upon you.  Comprised of large body, writhing tail, powerful wings, and long neck(the claws, due to their short length, are actually negligible in most cases), fighting a dragon single-handedly is a suicidal task.  If you encounter one, take shelter.  Walls, hills, and buildings will be your friend.  Remember always, that a well-trained group of archers should be able to divide themselves equidistantly from a single target, and divert its attention in such a way that it will take fire from three men while it chases after one(This is important for fighting all large beasts!  You can overcome the strength of almost any enemy with numbers, if you are sufficiently coordinated!)


Witches are men, or members of other races, who have given themselves over to the adversary and other demonic forces, in exchange for power.  This power can manifest in the form of healing, calling fire, ice, and other things, mind-reading, and other, more esoteric effects that many ignorant people will call 'magic'.  Remember this:  There is no such thing as a good witch.  If you must work with one(as many societies are dreadfully tolerant of witches, Myrken included), watch your back at all times, and do not hesitate to defend yourself against a traitor!  They will be difficult to corner, and even more difficult to face.  Many will call upon mystical defenses to shield themselves from sword, arrow, and maceblows.  They may disappear and reappear in other places.  They may read your thoughts, will you dead, or send bursts of flame at you.   Your friend against witches is stealth, above all.  Have a contingency plan to face a mage who you cannot pre-emptively kill.  To a witch you know you will be facing, it will be necessary to send someone to sneak up ahead of time, to engage the witch(and hopefully poison them) so that they cannot bring their hellish arsenal to bear against the rest of the group.  Poor coordination will result, undoubtedly, in death.

Living Dead

Among living dead, there are two types.  Those that possess an intellect, and those without.  For those without, refer to my entries on dragons and beasts.  These will be most helpful.  Against skeletons, it may be necessary to engage with maces, and other blunt instruments, as blades and arrows may pass straight through them!  Be careful.  Many of these creatures are rife with disease, and cannot be fought conventionally.  A greivous blow to the gut may be treated as a minor scratch unworthy of notice, to a walking corpse!  Against many living dead, the same implements used against demons may also be used against them.  They are abominations to God, walking mockeries of life.  Many will also possess the qualities that witches have.

....more entries may come later on other beasts.

P.S.  I do not like the fact that she's reportedly stopped taking customers, but still agrees to see me.  I will have to stop visiting her.(I shouldn't be writing this)

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12:19 pm
Inventory. This is the word employed by Bezalul when there must be an acounting of things important to our work. It is a good word a good process. There are also these things which are important to myself, and I move them now from one place to my home, where they must be stored with much care behind Von Dragon's seal. It is a good time for this inventorying, I think. This is mine.

Inventory Of Important Artifacts

One featurless Silver Mask, given me by Kerrak al'Nerun in the weeks before his madness and terrible death.

One hideous Wooden Mask, given me by The Horror for which I have no other name, in replacement of the porselin mask which was his first gift to me. The porselin mask bore an enchantment that aforded its wearer a glimpse into the souls of dying men. This mask caus obl compells its wearer to repent their ill deeds. Following Altias Bromn's dire love of this foul Effect, I begin my every day by shattering this mask to splinters. Each night it appears remade again by my pillow. I think even von Dragon's seal will not hold it.

One paper bird, folded cuningly from a sheet of paper the colour of cloudy jade. Its look is a little like Burel's herons. It is the work of Thadius Dhrin, who one night folded one hundred of these.

One paper feather, crafted from a white page by the hands of Michael Renne.

One white feather, taken from the severed wing of Sin Vrahl, following the great battle between he and Teron Ashfiend in the ruins of the Snowstil Priory. It is an ill place. It is better that they had left nothing of its foul walls but ruble and ash. From Sin Vrahl's back we carved this wing, and left not of it after save for ash, for we burned it upon a pyre of its own and those flames were surely bright.

One black feather, gathered by my sister Quincy Randall many years ago. Following her dea murder I claimed this from amongsd her things and wore it always, I ever shall

Two bamboo chimes, crafted by my sister's hands from a grove of the tavern's own woods.

Three heavy chains, taken by my sister from the broken corpse of Zayken Perfect.

One black-bladed rapier, given me by Tempestro Starr in compnsate for my fright of storm. The blade is magicked, eating litning as if it were a hungry mouth.

One pair black dragonhide boots, fashioned with great satsfaction by Mishord upon Calister Way, from the dying flesh of the vile beast Stealth.

One black belt, fashioned samely, with for ornament some small teeth and skale of the foul chyort Stealth.

One pendant necklace, its pendants being several large skales taken from the corpse of wicked Stealth, their colour is pitch and oil.

One silver worm, it too a pendant upon a chain of same, given me by Aeryn Karolinger in the days following the horror of Orvere. He is so changed and still I do not forget the boy he was then, I cannot and do not wish to.

Two silver rings of identikl design, set before me by Altias Bromn. Each bears one half of a single in skription.

One book, scribed by the hand of Johan Vornheim it is not finished and never shall be

One dried leaf, rescued from a drowning death in the fontin at Aithne. It does not decay, for being once preserved between the pages of a heavy book within Aithne's Library of Lords.

Three books with brass corners and matchless ilustrations, lent from same.

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October 21st, 2007

11:12 am - The people of Myrken

October 21, 207.

I will devote this entry to discussing some of the people I know.  However, I will surely miss some people along the way.  This is a simple exercise in me recording the events of my life.  And I will say this now: I urge the reader to stop speculating about my feelings for any women I may write about.  I am quite happy being alone and unmarried.  I'm just not suited for marriage and love.  I destroy lives.  ...Besides, the majority of women of Myrken are of the vile, homosexual persuasion(I shall not delve into who I write of here is like that.  I am practicing discretion, though it still feels like lying).  There is something strange and unwholesome about Myrken.


Of those I've seen in Myrken, I trust her more than others(Except Aerin).  A swordswoman, of reputed talent.  She taught Agnieszka for a while.  And I think she taught Glenn.  She obviously has somewhat of a talent for taking in youths and turning them into criminals.  She has demon blood, much like myself(her body can turn to iron!), and has shown the capacity to refute the temptations of the Adversary.  However, I do fear for her faith.  Most of those in Myrken are heathens, and her constant questioning of me about the most rudimentary aspects of religion worries me.  She reminds me of myself, in some ways, though she most obviously displays more feminine qualities, compared to me.  And...before anyone goes any further with any thoughts, I shall say this.  Though she is quite attractive, and should have no trouble finding a husband, I have the sneaking suspicion that she lacks female qualities other than those that are innate.  I think she would make a terrible wife, even if Aerin calls her mother and would probably have it that way.


A demon child, very young.  I've adopted her and have taken her under my care.  As children go, she's a sweet, highly intelligent girl.  However, she still has a lot to learn about her monstrosity.  Whenever she has been exposed to it, she has become highly distressed.  This is extremely disheartening, especially since the child has taken so well to faith, in a way that I nor my children never did.  She has few friends her own age.  I am hoping to remedy that, by sending her to schooling.  I would very much wish her a normal childhood.  She has a habit of calling me her father.  She calls Ariane her mother, and some fat tax collector her grandfather.  Something of note, is the fact that she seems to be attached to chains that she can control.  This is strikingly familiar of the demon Zayken.


A youth that I misguidedly pined after in a pathetic way during some of my less lucid times.  I believe that I was on good terms with her for a while(in the platonic sense).  Sparing the reader of any real details when it comes to the details of such a relationship, I will say this.  I do not call her friend, nor ally any more.  She does drastic things without thinking, and justifies them by calling herself a victim.  She associates and sympathizes with the criminal element, and shows a capability of acting without morality.  She is a murderer of the worst sort, a cold-blooded, remorseless killer.  I regret giving her that dagger of mine(the blessed one), and I will personally see her hang.


Another woman I misguidedly pursued.  Infected by a demon taint(via Zayken).  I do think that she would be quite attractive, if it was not for the infection, though.  We are not on good terms at all.  She has something of a stutter, and I think she may be a fighter of some repute, though I do not know.  A friend of Quincy and Ariane.  Very infrequently seen.  I wonder if the infection has won.


A mapmaker.  Shows the tendencies that Agnieszka does.  Has a tendency to run his mouth.  Also seems to have taken to the criminal element.  If I do not desire to see him hang first, I will knock some sense into him yet.


Healer.  A trustworthy person, though he certainly does seem to be bothered by me when he looks at me sometimes.  I haven't seen him lately.  I heard he was injured.  I do hope that he is alright.  It is certainly unfair when an enemy attacks someone's healers first.


Strange girl.  Not sure if she's completely human.  We've had a good conversation or two in the past.  Speaks like an illiterate guttersnipe.  Good fighter, though.  She reputedly died from dismemberment, but was brought back to life.  This is definitely something to keep my eye upon, in case things go horribly wrong.  I have the feeling that she would make a good wife, if one could get her to speak more softly, and could curb her temper.

....These are the people I am most familiar with in Myrken.  I suppose, that if the reader wanted, I would recommend that they research what they can about these people's lives.  However, there is a good chance that they, like most people(including me) will have disappeared into the blur of history by the time anyone else reads this.

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01:26 am
I have decided to document my actions in a journal.  I have come to this decision at the urging of an acquaintance, who I will keep unnamed, in an attempt to be discreet.  Discretion is a thing which I have only recently learned, and I must admit, it feels completely dishonest.  After all, why hide the truth, even if it is ugly?  I digress.

Considering that this book may one day fall into the hands of a person who does not know me(as many journals kept by demon hunters, warriors, and cultists have ended up in mine), I feel that I should talk about myself.  My name is Ignas Demonsbane.  I live in a town called Myrken Wood.  This is not my home, nor have I lived here long.  However, through fate or coincidence, I believe that this may be my permanent residence for a time(I have not sold away my estate back home.  This is for the family, and serves as a refuge in an emergency.).

I have four children, and no wife.  She(I speak of Angela) left me early in our marriage, and this was a fact that brought me great distress for a number of years.  Perhaps I will write about her later(I must admit that even now, I become emotional when discussing this).  I have three older children, aged eighteen years old.  Two boys, and a girl.  They are Amanda, Jecht, and Adrian.  I also have a younger daughter(by the same mother), named Corazon.  Amanda and Jecht have married in recent years.  I do believe I shall allow Jecht to take ownership of my existing land(but not my books, weapons, or other amassed fortunes), if he will allow family to reside there with no reservations.  This will make a particularly good incentive for him to take his wife there and keep them away from her family(They are part of a vampire cult, and I am extremely dissatisfied with this marriage!).

My Amanda has become married in the past month, to a young man named Aleksandr Ferunov.  He is Dauntless nobility, and they met while she visited me here.  I was not aware that they had kept a correspondence.  He is a good man.  Good enough, that he is willing to bear the scorn of his own family, who have denied him any  financial support while they are alive and well for marrying what they consider a filthy-blooded peasant(His mother is a status-seeking gold-hungry whore of a bitch, and his father is a bit spineless).  I must admit, that I was hesitant about this wedding at first, as well, since Ferunov himself carries demonic blood(the young man's grandmother on his father's side was a half-demon.  That makes him, presumably, one-eighth demon.  Amanda is one-quarter demon.  This will mean that their children will be three-eighths demon.  Things get more complicated after this.  Still, our blood becomes more pure.).  However, I believe his heart is in the right place.  I will not get in the way of love and happiness for my children.  They currently live in his family's vacation estate, located near Myrken.

My two other children, Adrian and Corazon, who is a year younger than the others, have never been very popular with women or men.  Sometimes I worry that they may end up unmarried, like I am.  Adrian lives in Myrken and owns a shop.  He and I have not been on good terms since I interfered with his life(much to his detriment, though I did not realize it at the time) in his youth, and Corazon is very shy.  I would not wish to bring her to this place.  I will have to see if Amanda and Ferunov(I suppose I should call him Aleksandr, since he is now my son-in-law.) have the space to take care of her, and perhaps, if I am lucky, find her a caring husband who will be able to take care of her.

I am half-demon.  You(being whoever reads this in the future) probably caught what I said when talking about my daughter.  If not, you should read more diligently.  My family is one of demon-slayers, and has been, for at least eight generations.  I will omit the majority of details of my youth.  Suffice it to say, that I was born a bastard embarrassment.  I have come to terms with this now, though.  I am quite happy, being of a lesser position to more pure-blooded men and women.  In a way, this curse from God is also a gift.  I have a tangible link to God that others do not have.  Because of this, I have faith where others would doubt.  This faith is what keeps me from becoming a monster, a foul beast to be put down like a rabid dog.  I am glad for it.

....I've written far too much.  I think I shall stop now.  Perhaps, tomorrow, I shall write about the people I know, and my recent decision to join the Myrken constabulary.

Current Location: Myrken

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